09 Sep Career Services to address Mal-employment

Yesterday, I read a piece in the Globe and Mail titled “Overeducated and underpaid? How to address mal-employment” by Marie Bountrogianni,  Dean of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. The article discusses the issue of highly qualified and skilled...

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15 Jul Career Preparation for Doctoral Students

This week, I read 2 interesting articles on PhDs and employment that reflect the general concern with the difficulty that PhDs experience in their transition into industry. The first articlePhD candidates should consider other career options by Kristine Kelly, Director of career development at...

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03 May PhD to Industry transition

This week, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario released a report on outcomes for PhD graduates.   This follows on papers and discussions on the issue in recent times. These are important discussions at an important juncture of the training of PhD graduates and the...

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08 Apr Right on Immigrant Skills

An article in The Whig discusses skill shortages and a call by the Chamber of Commerce to address those shortages. Check out the article at job-skills-gap-worsening, While the shortage is real, there is also the additional issue of getting highly qualified and skilled people, both immigrants and...

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29 Mar Who We Are

The question is who is working to support highly qualified and skilled personnel in their journey to find satisfying employment in industry. For example, the Conference Board of Canada in a report in 2015, drew attention to the fact that only one in five people...

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