PhD to Industry transition

03 May PhD to Industry transition

This week, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario released a report on outcomes for PhD graduates.   This follows on papers and discussions on the issue in recent times. These are important discussions at an important juncture of the training of PhD graduates and the dialogue on the importance of enabling PhD holders explore diverse careers. The study found that about 35% of PhD graduates from 2009 were employed outside academia in the public and private sectors; 30% were full-time tenure or tenure track professors; with another 21% working in academia in different positions. The study calls for more research and information on how employers view the contribution PhDs make to their organizations, which will be an important addition to the story on the labor outcomes of PhDs. What will also be important information to have is how long it takes a PhD graduate on average to make a successful transition to industry.

May 1st, 2016

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