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29 Mar Who We Are

The question is who is working to support highly qualified and skilled personnel in their journey to find satisfying employment in industry. For example, the Conference Board of Canada in a report in 2015, drew attention to the fact that only one in five people who graduate from doctoral programs find tenure positions in academia and that although the rest eventually find jobs in industry, the transition is not easy. Employment agencies are generally not designed or set up to support highly qualified and skilled individuals. Search companies work on behalf of employers; and human resource companies focus on helping with re-training and assisting organizations with career transitions for their employees.

Knowledge, innovation, and creativity are the drivers of any economy and it is important that Ontario is able to utilize fully, the knowledge and human resource potential that exists here in the province. Our company is focused on enabling highly qualified and skilled individuals make a quick and smooth transition into industry by providing the resources they need in their career journey.

We are the career consulting group for highly qualified and skilled people.

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