Right on Immigrant Skills

08 Apr Right on Immigrant Skills

An article in The Whig discusses skill shortages and a call by the Chamber of Commerce to address those shortages. Check out the article at job-skills-gap-worsening, While the shortage is real, there is also the additional issue of getting highly qualified and skilled people, both immigrants and non-immigrants to present their knowledge, skills and experiences in a way that speaks to employer needs. In the case of immigrants there are additional barriers preventing the full use of their skills in the economy. Canada has a substantial number of highly qualified and skilled personnel who are under-utilized or unemployed and the question remains how do we match the skills employers are looking for with the skills job seekers have. This has been the vision for AB Consulting Group and the focus of our workshops is to assist job seekers present their skills in a way that employers expect. This article follows a series of articles in recent times that have looked at skills and employment of highly qualified and skilled individuals and I hope in this blog to take a closer look at some of the issues identified.

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